The Legal Requirements Of Homeschooling

Legal homeschooling laws, facts and requirements in Australia

Firstly it a government legal requirement that every child from age 6 to 16 years needs to be enrolled in a school or alternitavely registered and approved to be homeschooled in the state they live in. You cannot register to be homeschooled if your are living permenantly overseas. The parent that will be the predominant home educator/tutor is the person that needs to register each individual child that is to be homeschooled.

The reasons why families decide to homeschool is varied. Sometimes lifestyle factors or a child with special needs or simply dissatisfaction with traditional education. In Australia there are approximately 20 000+ students registered. This does not include the thousands that are enrolled in a Distance education School.

Secondly it does not really matter the reasons why but it is essential that you are aware of the legal , moral and ethical obligations that you will be responsible for. A decision needs to be made about what type of homeschooling experience you and your family want to have.

There are 2 main options

  • #1 Following a specifically designed curriculum either by Distance Education ( Online) or by an regulated private course ( eg Montesori or religious curriculum)
  • #2 Autonomous learning by creating and implementing your own curriculum for your children that requires authorisation and approval by your State Education Department.

Once a decision has been made it is important that enrolment in the school is approvedl ( option # 1) or an application and approval are sought if you chose autonomous learning ( option # 2)

You can seek further information about this that directly relates to your state or Territory by searching online the following link


New South Wales


South Australia


Western Australia

Northern Territory

In addition to this, you will have other responsibilities as a parent/home tutor including:

  1. You will be be responsible for providing a comfortable and supportive learning environment for your child/kids
  2. You will be required to provide access to resources and learning materials
  3. You will be responsible for supervising, monitoring and assessing your child/kids and academic progress reporting to authorities

Legal homeschooling facts and requirements in America

Homeschooling in the USA is legal in 50 States. However the legal requirements and pathways of education are vastly different in each state depending on where a student lives.

Not all states require home educators/parents to notify education officials or authorities of their intention to homeschool their own children. And interestingly a few states require the home tutor/parent is required to meet basic educational standards such as a GED or higher education.

In addition some states require a minimum number of hours per day allocated to instructional learning and some also have a subject requirement that must be taught to the child by the home tutor/parent.

As the American homeschooling guidelines and legal requirements are so vastly different it is essential to investigate the state obligations that you will be governed under depending where you reside.

For further information relating to homeschool legal requirements in America you can follow this link

Homeschool words of advice that are not legal but are important

Just like familiar saying ” Knowledge is power” this really is essential if you want to undertake the immense task of homeschooling. The more information and resources that you are armed with, hopefully the more prepared and more memorable your experience will be. Homeschooling is a huge responsibility however it does give you the freedom and flexibility to live a life in a way that you choose and educate your children in a way that directly compliments that way of life. Yes we may have legal obligations related to homeschooling that are dependant on our place of residence. However we can all agree that no mater what part of the world we live in our primary concern is the health, happiness and wellbeing of our children.

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