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Welcome to Our Homeschool Blog

Thank you for taking the time to read our Blogs. I know your time is valuable so I hope the posts that we add are worthy and helpful.

Being a homeschool parent is challenging and I don’t think any job compares to the patience, understanding and commitment that is required to do this volunteer work (as I like to call it)

But along with challenges come great rewards. The pride you will feel when you are confident in doing this is priceless. This may be the biggest sacrifice that you will ever make for your kids and family and this should not be underestimated or unappreciated.

I hope that this little homeschool network gives you some comfort, clarity and connection to other like-minded homeschoolers. You are not alone.

And on the days that you feel like giving up, nothing gives more comfort like a block of chocolate, a tub of ice cream and a glass of Red..or two. Any or all will suffice.

Remember – You can do this, your kids will survive and they will thrive.

I will endeavour to address concerns, take feedback from my readers and share with you up-to-date information on all things related to homeschooling. If there is anything that you would like me to add please contact me without hesitation. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you well on your homeschool journey.

With love and kindness

Ursula xx

How To Homeschool E-Book Cover

How to Homeschool – The Good the Bad and the Ugly Realities of Doing it Successfully

This is the book I wrote my younger self about doing it successfully. Take it from some one who has been there.

It is everything I have learnt from my 18 years as a full time educator, mum and housewife.

It is everything you need to get started.

Ursula Boston

My name is Ursula

Hello and Welcome !

I’ve been educating my daughters as  a proud homeschool mum for nearly 20 years. I have also been married to a very patient man for 28 years and have combined all this with running our household as well as managing a small business from home.

Our oldest daughter is currently completing her PHD in Clinical Psychology and our youngest has entered her final senior years of High School. 

If you want to learn  how to do this from someone who has actually done it… Twice, I will show you HOW.

I do not claim to be an expert , nor am I a qualified teacher but I am qualified to share all my experiences. From our humble beginnings of teaching from the kitchen table through to the advancements of  digital learning on the laptop.

I will happily share with you tips and tricks that will guide and support you along this daunting yet equally amazing home school journey

No Pay… but plenty of Pride ! 

Yes or No?

Should You Try Homeschooling or not?

Not sure if you should start homeschooling your child? Do you need help figuring it out? Find out the good the bad and the ugly realities of homeschool in the free download. Do We or Don’t we?