how to homeschool in arizona

How To Homeschool In Arizona?

Did you know that there are approximately 38,000 children being home-educated in Arizona!

Arizona law provides for two options: private school instruction and home study. Whether you are considering “private school instruction” or “home study,” you must first consider whether homeschooling to educate your child is right for you and your family.

Why homeschooling?

There does seem to be a natural curiosity attached to homeschooling and there are many pros and cons to doing it.

However, the reality is that the reason WHY is not so important but rather HOW to do it so that you can have the lifestyle you want and maintain harmony within the home environment with your kids whilst you educate them.

It’s a massive responsibility but it does have some fantastic perks…let me tell you a few of them.

  • Homeschooling also gives kids more time with their parents and this has been found to be one of the most important factors in academic success.
  • For parents, home school is all about spending more quality time with their children and providing them with an individual and personalized education suitable to their needs and interests
  • For the kids, they can feel free from the scrutiny of teachers and peers and can learn at a pace that suits them.

These are just a few perks of homeschooling in general.

Can you Homeschool in Arizona?

YES… However, the first thing you need to do once you have made the decision to homeschool is to file an Affidavit.

The Parents of homeschooled students aged 6-16 are required to file a notarized Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool with the County School Superintendent within 30 days of starting homeschool study.

You must also supply a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate. This proof of birth must be submitted with the notarized affidavit.

NOTE: If your child is under the age of six and you chose to introduce pre-school education an intention to homeschool is not required until they turn six years old. This also applies if the child/student is over the age of sixteen, an intention is not required by law.

You must also be aware that once you file an Affidavit of your intention to homeschool you agree to provide instruction in at least the subjects of reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies, and science.

There are no reporting or standardized testing requirements for homeschoolers in Arizona, however, filing the Affidavit fraudulently or failing to provide instruction is a class 3 misdemeanour.

Other important things to note:

It is also important to note that any parent homeschooling their child while living on a Native American Reservation will still be required by law to file the Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool with the County School Superintendent’s office as normal.

While Native American tribes are sovereign, they fall under the compulsory attendance/compulsory education law of the state.

 Many counties in the state of Arizona have their own version of the affidavit, that can be used. It should be noted that using a specific/particular form is not required by law, however, the affidavit provided by AFHE is a great example.

It includes only the information required by law and includes a privacy statement prohibiting the county from sharing information contained in the affidavit.

Should you decide not to continue with homeschooling or educating your kids you will be required to file you decide to stop homeschooling or move out of the county, you should submit a letter of termination to the county superintendent of schools within 30 days of ending your homeschool program.

If you begin homeschooling again, or begin homeschooling in a new county, you should submit a new affidavit of intent.

Teaching children at home in Arizona?

Homeschooling is a wonderful opportunity for children. But homeschooling can come with challenges too. The first challenge is finding enough hours each day for learning activities.

Another challenge is ensuring that you maintain and keep the following important records of your homeschool journey for each child:

  • Attendance records – daily diary of what days and how many hours on each day.
  • Information on the textbooks and workbooks your child has used
  • Samples of your child’s school-work
  • Correspondence with school officials
  • Portfolios and test results if applicable
  • Any other documents showing that your child is receiving an appropriate education in compliance with the law

These records should be maintained every year and saved for at least two years.

You should also keep your student’s high school records and proof of compliance with the home education laws during the high school years (including any type of home education notice that you file with state or local officials) on file forever.

How to start homeschooling in Arizona?

It might seem daunting at first but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort then homeschooling can be a very rewarding choice.

Teach your children at home with these tips to make it easier on yourself

1. Equipment & Study station

Get the necessary materials for teaching, including sufficient stationery, textbooks and workbooks. Its also helpful to prepare a comfortable study space. You can learn more about this here

2. Choose a Curriculum

Decide on a curriculum that suits you and your child’s needs – there are many to choose from!

3. Start by unschooling

Homeschool by “unschooling” (also known as natural learning). This is a lifestyle popularized by John Holt in the 1970s.

The idea behind unschooling is to treat children with respect and let them guide their own education through life experience, play, exploration, curiosity, discovery, trial-and-error, risk-taking, and problem-solving.

You do not need to re-create a traditional classroom. You can teach the kids by doing activities outdoors while sitting under a shady tree.

Remember you can control the learning environment to be anything you want it to be or feel.

4. Free Resources

Take advantage of all the free resources available online – find lesson plans, forums, and more!


Home-schooling can seem overwhelming at first, but if you think it might be a good fit for your lifestyle and educational goals, the next step is to make sure that you comply with Arizona law.

Then do your research…if you need any further assistance on how to homeschool read this or better still take up the offer below. You will thank yourself and so will the kids.

With love and kindness

Ursula x

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How To Homeschool E-Book Cover

How to Homeschool – The Good the Bad and the Ugly Realities of Doing it Successfully

This is the book I wrote my younger self about doing it successfully. Take it from some one who has been there.

It is everything I have learnt from my 18 years as a full time educator, mum and housewife.

It is everything you need to get started.

Ursula Boston

My name is Ursula

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I’ve been educating my daughters as  a proud homeschool mum for nearly 20 years. I have also been married to a very patient man for 28 years and have combined all this with running our household as well as managing a small business from home.

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