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40 Reasons Why Learning At Home Is Better Than School

Here is an extensive list of all the reasons that homeschool is better than going to a traditional school. The benefits are for parents and the students combined.

Take a look…you may be suprised !

  1. Begin learning any time of the day
  2. End learning whenever you want in the day
  3. Safe from school gun violence
  4. Condensed learning – shorter
  5. Kids chose topics they are interested in
  6. Read books they are interested in
  7. No packing school lunch boxes
  8. Food is better at home
  9. No buying school uniforms or shoes
  10. No ironing school uniforms
  11. Free from classroom bullies and harassment
  12. Go on holidays anytime without notice
  13. No homework
  14. No heavy school bags to carry
  15. No locker codes to remember
  16. Freedom to drink and eat whenever
  17. Embraces students learning style and pace
  18. No crazy morning school rush
  19. No school traffic
  20. No stop drop go line ups.
  21. Cheaper to holiday outside of standard holiday times.
  22. kids learn actual life skills
  23. No more school newsletters to read
  24. No parent volunteer working bees
  25. Less chance of headlice
  26. Less chance of catching school colds and flu
  27. Learning at home is effective
  28. Kids can learn and study with siblings
  29. Saves money on expensive school fees
  30. Homeschooling can be done anywhere at anytime
  31. No walking to school in the rain or snow
  32. One on One learning
  33. No need to notify the school of absences
  34. Family bonds are enhanced
  35. Family pets always have someone at home with them
  36. Kids feel safe and secure in a home environment
  37. Less social pressures
  38. Academic flexibility
  39. Choices with mandatory school vaccinations
  40. No weekly school assembly

Some of the benefits of homeschooling may give you a laugh but they are all valid reasons. One of my favourites is not having to physically drive to school and get stuck in the morning and afternoon peak hour traffic.

So you may be curious as to where I got this list from. I actually asked by own kids and they rattled off a heap so fast, that I barely had time to write them down. The rest came from my own experiences.

With my own experiences of enrolling my kids in traditional schooling and also actively choosing to homeschool, I believe that I have a good understanding of both alternatives. With that I must say that homeschooling was definitely the best option for my girls and my family as a whole.

It certainly deepened our connections together and it gave freedoms and flexibility that you just don’t experience with a traditional education. However, it did ruffle some feathers in the extended family as many family and friends had a very narrow understanding an view on homeschooling. So be prepared for some unsavoury opinions and plenty of interrogations from strangers. Some people are extremely biased and judgemental of homeschool parents and children,

However, my advice is do what feels right for your kids and your family. Homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular and more acceptable form of education.

I personally think it was the best decision our family ever made. Our Girls are the product of a learning environment that was safe, secure, and adaptable to their needs. We are proud to say they are both happy, secure and confident humans that are highly successful in their chosen careers.

Thanks Homeschool for giving us this freedom and flexibility…..

If you want to learn how to do this from someone who has actually done it. Twice! Now you can. After homeschooling our two daughters though to university, I now have the time to show others how to do it successfully. And hopefully, save some of you the ugly side of homeschooling.

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How To Homeschool E-Book Cover

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Ursula Boston

My name is Ursula

Hello and Welcome !

I’ve been educating my daughters as  a proud homeschool mum for nearly 20 years. I have also been married to a very patient man for 28 years and have combined all this with running our household as well as managing a small business from home.

Our oldest daughter is currently completing her PHD in Clinical Psychology and our youngest has entered her final senior years of High School. 

If you want to learn  how to do this from someone who has actually done it… Twice, I will show you HOW.

I do not claim to be an expert , nor am I a qualified teacher but I am qualified to share all my experiences. From our humble beginnings of teaching from the kitchen table through to the advancements of  digital learning on the laptop.

I will happily share with you tips and tricks that will guide and support you along this daunting yet equally amazing home school journey

No Pay… but plenty of Pride ! 

Yes or No?

Should You Try Homeschooling or not?

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